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FreeBSD running vlan and bridge on one shared interface

 I have this setup on FreeBSD 13.2 on my Raspberry PI: vlans_ue0="vlan3" create_args_vlan3="vlan 3" cloned_interfaces="bridge0 bridge3" ifconfig_bridge0="addm ue0 SYNCDHCP" ifconfig_bridge0_ipv6="inet6 auto_linklocal accept_rtadv" ifconfig_ue0="up" ifconfig_bridge3="addm vlan3" ifconfig_vlan3="up" So: +--vlan3--bridge3--jailProxy | ue0-+ | +--bridge0--jailWifi Networking from the host works fine. Networking from jailWifi works fine. But... jailProxy can send DHCP to the network in vlan 3. But the reply goes to jailWifi. Does bridge0 have precedence over vlan3? Could I let vlan3 handle packages with the proper vlan tag only and let the rest of the traffic go to bridge0? Ok. While typing this I came up with a solution which I tested and works. ue0--bridge0-+--jailWifi | +--epair0a--epair0b--vlan3--bridge3--jailProxy So now I have this DMZ bridge3 on its own VLAN. NB: